Depot Climbing, Thursday 1:30pm, 26th August 2021!

Assalamo Alaikum dear parents,

We pray you are in the best of health and Imaan InshaAllah.

Please find the schedule and timings for tomorrow’s trip (Thursday 26th August 2021) at the Depot climbing Birmingham. This session is for 2 hours and is running from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

Please drop off your children for 1:30pm at the following location:

Depot Climbing Birmingham, 10 Sherlock Street Birmingham B5 6LU

You must collect your children for 3:30pm.

Please Note: To take part in this activity you must fill the following form on this link:

Please message us once you have filled and sent the consent form off so we can confirm your place.

If you have any questions/queries please feel free to send us an email and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions/queries.


Ustaadh Shauket Fazil

Bahu Trust / BQA