From Monday 6th September 2021 children will return to their normal timings from 4:30-8pm on weekdays.

Assalamo Alaikum dear parents,

We pray you are in the best of health and Imaan InshaAllah.  From next Monday we revert to normal evening classes on the weekdays inshAllah.  Class teachers and attendance format should stay the same so if your child attends online they should continue to do so and if your child attends physical classes they should resume physical attendance.

Those students that are currently attending physically only once a week are no longer required to attend that one day and can now remain online throughout.  

Also please note that if your child is being taught by one of our local British teachers  (not foreigners) their classes are likely to resume physically weekdays as well as weekends so all their students will need to attend physically from next week.   This is because all our local based teachers will no longer be teaching online.  Online lessons will only be taught by our foreign staff based in Egypt and other countries. InshAllah we will send out group messages to classes who need to attend physically if they have local based teachers. 

Can I thank all parents for sending in their children physically when requested.  Alhamdulillah we were able to create the right balance of physical and online teaching.  We were able to start our salah learning project due to this and now so many students are now in the process of learning the salah in Arabic and with translation.  This is what happens when  parents are on board and we all work together.  Likewise I will be setting more and more targets to ensure your child learns to their full potential so please do send your child to the masjid, when asked, if they are online students.   As we approach what may be a difficult autumn and winter ahead, I want to allow students to study online so long as these conditions are fulfilled:

  1.  That an online student remains online for the entire duration of the class and isn’t logging on late or finishing early.

  2. They are constantly studying for that period and that is apparent with the cameras on.  Students must be responsive.

  3. That a students is progressing well and just in the same way they would be progressing in physical lessons.

  4. Students will have to attend the masjid for independent testing after hitting certain milestones so their learning can be tested independently as a cross-check and students remain connected with the masjid. This is a priority and students not attending for regular tests physically (when recalled) will not be allowed to advance further  sabaq (new work) in online lessons.  This will ensure a strong check on standards inshAllah.  For example, if your child is doing any hifz,  each half juzz will have to be recited in the masjid in prayer format.  Similarly salah testing, adhaan testing, duas testing, hadith testing etc etc will all have a physical format in the masjid.  Students will not be allowed to hide away online!

May Allah bless you all and please do forgive us any shortcomings on our side especially with regards to communications.  We’ve been inundated with work but are making improvements  inshAllah so if we are missing messages and calls please be patient with us.  Staffing has been a huge challenge with high illness rates, absentee staff,  islolation etc .  Despite this,  this  summer we focussed not only on classes, but sports, trips, swimming, feeding children as well as maintaining physical classes and online classes, managing international staffing, safeguarding, troubleshooting IT challenges etc etc.  In fact we have now set up one of the strongest online Qur’an systems anywhere, all co-ordinated and monitored from the masjid, along with nearly 100 computers to support online learning within the masjid. The financial outlay, IT demands and maintenance of such a set up is unique amongst masaajids.  It gives us all pride and strength to know that we are constantly  bettering our system for all our children.   This development was undertaken during summer  with a minimum of staff and in the backdrop of a pandemic  but  in the words of the great Sultan Bahu:

‘Those whose love is perfect, Bahu, cross deserts, seas and jungles’

Life is about challenges and with love and ikhlaas we will all get there in the end inshAllah.  May Allah accept all our efforts and make it easier for you to bring up your children with strong imaan and success in both deen and dunya – Ameen

If you have any questions/queries please feel free to send us an email and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions/queries.



Ustaadh Shauket Fazil

Bahu Trust / BQA