REF: Fun Day for children tomorrow and food allergies, PLEASE RESPOND.

Asslamu Alaikum dear parents,

We would like to inform you that all the qaida department weekend teachers are planning a small party for the children tomorrow (Sunday 5th December) which  involves “Bring a Dish” and a (child friendly) movie for the students tomorrow.   Alhamdulillah they have all worked hard past few weeks and this is to reward and motivate them further InshaAllah.  We look forward to a fun day with them tomorrow InshaAllah.

Students are free to bring in whatever they like to if they want, except for sweets and fizzy drinks. Some of the kids suggested that they would like to bring in foods such as:

Fruit, crisps, juices, pizza, cake

We are aware that some children might have some food allergies so please do let us know if you would still like your child to take part in food sharing or not.   Either way can you please respond and let us know if your child has any food allergies or not.  Non responses will mean we will not share any food with that child.

Jzakum Allah Khayr

Ustadha Sumeya Frej (teacher)

Bahu Trust / BQA