REF: Classes Update – Tuesday 7th December 2021

This message is for parents who have children that attend Monday to Fridays physical or online lessons.  Due to the weather we have cancelled all physical lessons.  Please read below for further clarification.

Asslamu Alaikum dear parents,

As you will be aware the weather conditions are very challenging and potentially dangerous with weather warnings across the west midlands too.  With it getting dark at 4pm,  heavy winds,  with heavy rain,  a lot of our students will be in harms way walking to the masjid. Obviously this is something we want to avoid.  I’m sure you will understand and agree this is sensible.

Therefore to prevent anyone having to travel to the masjid we have cancelled ALL physical classes and are asking all staff and children who normally attend physically,  to stay at home today.  We cannot provide online classes last minute for those that normally attend physically so there are no online  classes for students who normally read to a physical teacher.

All those that normally attend online from home or from the masjid on Tuesdays,  online classes will continue as per normal InshaAllah. For these students they should log on from home.

We will continue to monitor the weather InshaAllah and expect the worst to have passed by tomorrow.

Please all stay safe and for and queries please send reply to the sms message or send us an email at

I am at the masjid today to deal with any queries so all queries will be responded to promptly InshaAllah.

Also can I please remind parents who haven’t paid December fees to do so by calling 01214404096. Thank you if you have already paid.

JazakAllah and duas

Ustadh Shauket

Bahu Trust / BQA