Summer Class Timings and Activities/HAF codes/Prices

Assalamu Alaykum dear parents,

I pray you are all in the best of health and Imaan InshaAllah.  I am writing to inform you of our summer class timings, active programme InshaAllah.  Please read carefully so you are aware of timings and the exciting activities and learning that we are planning this summer for your child(ren).

  • Students who attend weekends:

There will be no weekends classes during Summer holidays as those that attend Saturday and Sunday will be attending Wed/Thurs/Fri 4.30pm-8.30pm (3 days).  The first attendance during summer for those that attend weekends will be Wed-Fri 27th July as mentioned.

  • Students that normally attend Friday to Tuesday:

These students will be required to attend Monday to Friday 4.30pm-8.30pm (5 days) as there will be no weekend teaching/classes.  Instead of weekends, these students should attend Wednesday and Thursday (starting from the 27th July).

  • Students that currently attend Monday to Friday:

These timings remain unchanged  so students will continue as normal however all students are to attend for 4 hours on Wed/Thurs/Fri as we will be doing extended learning and activities InshaAllah.


The above applies to online students (no weekends for online students) and all current online students will be required to attend physically on Wed/Thur/Fri starting for the 27th July). There will be no online lessons on these 3 days (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday) as students are required to attend the Masjid physically.  We will make exceptions for students who live outside Birmingham.

The above arrangements are being put in place so that we can have as many students re-connect with the Masjid physically so we can work on their tarbiyyah, social skills, their conceptual understanding of Islam and all within a fun and exciting summer camp atmosphere that we are rolling out this summer. During the days of Wed/Thur/Fri, in addition to their normal Qur’an/Nazra/Kayda/Hifz we will are arranging the following for all students:

  • Swimming: Alhamdulillah we have blocked booked Moseley Road Swimming Baths exclusively for our students along with life guards. If you have a HAF code sessions are free otherwise costs are £4 per session.  We will offer swimming sessions 3 times per week.

  • A range of sports activities: Alhamdulillah we are converting one of our halls into sports halls for this purpose. Refurbishment work has started. Cost: Free as it is onsite.

  • Boxing, basketball, netball, dodgeball and indoor football. Free if onsite but HAF children maybe taken to a dedicated gym (HAF code required).

  • Trips to Dudley Zoo, a horse sanctuary and trips to Ackers Activity Centre (for archers, rock climbing etc). Cost:  FREE for HAF code students otherwise £23.50 (£13.50 zoo ticket, £10 coach cost).

  • Seerah lectures, Salah learning and translation courses. FREE

  • Islamic History lectures/courses. FREE

  • Free hot Halal Meals. FREE for HAF students with HAF code otherwise £4.


Costing: We are able to provide free Halal meals, swimming, trips and other outdoor experiences for free to those children that are eligible for free school meals (with a HAF code). For this we need your HAF codes which you can obtain from your school.  

If your child(ren) is/are not eligible for free school meals we will still provide onsite activities for them and ensure that they learn and have an enjoyable experience at this Masjid this summer InshaAllah.  We might not be able to taken them out for swimming, trips, outdoor experiences as these will have to be paid for (unless they are free school meal eligible). I will send out the costings for this later should you be interested.


I will be sending out more information as we make a schedule of learning and activities for all our children InshaAllah to ensure that we put on the best summer Madrassa experience InshaAllah.


Can all those eligible for free school meals please send in their HAF codes asap please as we have limited HAF places so it will be on a first come first served basis.


If you have a HAF code for your child please email it to us at

Also, Please find below our activities flyer and especially catered hot Halal food menu.

JazakAllah Khairan

Ustaadh Shauket Fazil

Bahu Trust / BQA