This message is for parents whose children attend physical classes!

Please see information on class location and activities InshaAllah.

Assalamu Alaykum dear parents,

I pray you are all in the best of health and Imaan InshaAllah.

Alhamdulillah we have started our summer programme with the introduction of extended hours at the masjid for our children yesterday.


Summer timings are 4.30pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday for all children. If your child normally attends at 6.15pm please ensure they attend at 4.30pm on these days. If for any reason you would like your child to leave earlier that’s fine if you let us know InshaAllah, however we are happy to keep children till 8.30pm as mentioned. Also if your child normally attends online and you would like them to continue online that is fine too.  Please don’t send your child in at 6.15pm (second shift) or later as it is likely that their teachers have gone with their class for activities.  This is why all children should be in for 4.30pm so we can get all our Qur’an reading done inshAllah before they do activities.

Monday and Tuesday timings are normal timings for physical classes (no changes).

Children class location: For summer, all children are sat in the main masjid building which is accessible through the car park. No classes will be held at the Bahu Building.

For tomorrow, we have nearly 75 places for swimming to allocate so if your child is aged 8 and above please ensure they have their swimming clothes/towel with them tomorrow. Children aged 7 and below can’t attend swimming without their parents in the pool with them so we canr take children aged 7 and below. Even if your children do not bring any money we will still try and send them for swimming (if they are aged 8 and above).  Yesterday we had 25 spare places to allocate but unfortunately very few students attended with their swimming gear so couldn’t go.


Class structure for the 4 hours:

After two hours of Qur’an recitation we have arranged for the following classes to attend cricket/football with their teachers at a local outdoor area/ pitch  belonging to St Albans outdoor play area, 10 mins walk from the masjid. (Shaikh Shauket Ali class, Hafiz Sajid Class, Shaikh Rubani’s Class, Ust. Hajra’s class). They will all be back by 8pm iA.


Most classes will follow this format of 2 hours Qur’an followed by Islamic Studies/Tarbiyah sessions/sports activities with their teachers. All Hifz children however are expected to hit their daily Hifz targets so their Hifz is unaffected.


If your child normally attends weekends as qaida student and is therefore attending wed/thurs/fri this summer please note that they will also be seated in the masjid building and at around 6pm-6-15pm be taken to St.Albans play area by their teachers.


So tody we will engage many more children InshaAllah. Can I please ask parents to bear with me so that we can slowly build up our capacity to cater for all. Yesterday was our first day and we had an arrival of 120 new students all in one day for the summer camp. This on top of our existing masjid students so it was an extremely challenging day, however from today we can now focus more on your children InshaAllah.


Yesterday we couldn’t engage children in activities (many arrived without swim clothes) but after 2 hours all the teachers did a halaqa with the children to explain the seerah, adaab, pillars of Islam etc so there is huge barakah in encouraging children to spend as much time as possible with their teachers in the masjid environment this summer. Even if they don’t do a physical activity (which we are trying our utmost to arrange everyday) they are still learning and developing through the Islamic studies and tarbiyyah the teachers are delivering, so well as their normal Qur’an/Qaida work.


Masjid Sports Hall:

We have nearly renovated our masjid sports hall which is key for all our children. I had anticipated this hall would be ready by now but we are awaiting the sports flooring which has been manufactured abroad and is enroute. As soon as it arrives we are looking to have it fitted asap. This will allow all our children to have sports everyday as part of their Qur’anic learning, not just for summer but everyday and all year round InshaAllah. Just the flooring cost is £6,000 but a much needed investment for all our children. I will update you all as soon as it arrives and is fitted as this will mean all our children will enjoy attending  the Masjid more.


For any queries or question please send us an email at

JazakAllah Khairan

Ustaadh Shauket Fazil

Bahu Trust / BQA