Indoor Football and Badminton Tomorrow at 10.15am.

Assalamo Alaikum dear parents,

We pray you are in the best of health and Imaan InshaAllah.


We have booked Joseph Chamberlain Sports Halls tomorrow (Wednesday) for Indoor football and badminton 10.30am tomorrow.  If you would like to send your child(ren) please ensure they arrive at the Bahu Centre building for 10.15am so we can escort them to the JCC sports halls.

We have separate sports halls for girls (with female staff) and boys.  This is the last week of JCC sports provision so please make use of it as much as possible before this project with JCC ends.  We had to fight very hard to secure this venue for your children!

Here are some pictures of the fun times our students have been having.  Children should arrive with trainers and plenty of fluids.  Children will be back at the masjid for 12.30pm and given their packed lunches and ready to leave for 12.45pm InshaAllah!

If you have any questions/queries please feel free to send us an email and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions/queries.   Also please note we are now using SMS texts to communicate with all parents following an upgrade of our communications software.


Ustaadh Shauket Fazil