Assalamu Alaykum dear parents,


I pray you are all in the best of health and Imaan InshaAllah.


We are enrolling up to 20 male teenagers (aged 14-19) on an Islamic youth leadership course entitled ‘Empowering Futures’.  This is in collaboration with the West Midlands Police (firearms and Stechford police unit) and Imams of the Sultan Bahu Trust as well as teachers of the BQA.  The idea is to develop leadership traits and skills in our youngsters by working with the police and then learning about leadership from an Islamic perspective.  This great development opportunity will also lead to an award certificate on behalf of the Police and the Bahu Trust to show extra curriculum development that will help these youngsters become professionals and well as upright Muslims citizens in the future.  Please see the enclosed itinerary for this course.  The dates of attendance are Fridays 5pm to 7pm on the 10th and 17th February, 3rd and 17th March, 14th April, 5th and 19th May.  One further date is to be decided for the awards ceremony.



Our own Bahu Trust Imam, Hafiz Emad Chaudhry, who is a serving police officer as well as Hafiz and Imam, will supervise all participants throughout.  As mentioned, timings are every Friday on the dates given from 5pm-7pm which will also include 30 minutes for food (provided).



Most of this course will be held in the offices of the Edgbaston Cricket Ground so parents will need to drop/pick up students from there. A few sessions will be held at the Masjid.



Spaces are limited and I have sought to prioritise our own BQA students as this will complement their Qur’anic education and develop their skills to be leaders/Imams in the future.


The first sessions begin this coming Friday so if you would like your son to attend this programme please respond asap as places are being given to the first 20 students InshaAllah.


Once you confirm your interest, we will then send you out an application form to fill in InshaAllah.










Friday 10thFebruary

Opening Intro

Edgbaston Cricket Ground

West Midlands Police Firearms Department will deliver a ‘Show & Tell’.

The Firearms unit deal with major incidents. Officers will explore what they face where knife crime and serious violence has played a significant part. A show f their equipment and discussion on tactics

Friday 17thFebruary

(Half Term)

Custody Visit

Stechford Police Station

A custody visits to Stechford police station. This is order to understand the consequence of being arrested and what a post arrest procedure looks like.

Friday 3rdMarch

Leadership & Vision

Edgbaston Cricket Ground

Leadership and Tarbiyyah exploring the Prophetic leadership quality of vision and how relevant it is today. Students will be explored to practical leadership qualities that can be adopted in modern times.

Friday 17thMarch


Edgbaston Cricket Ground

Leadership and Tarbiyyah session on the significance of good or bad choices. What do we know about choices and their consequences.

Friday 14hApril

Ramadan/Social Action


Edgbaston Cricket Ground

A community social action day. Participants will take part in a programme to deliver Ramadhan food packs to the local and vulnerable community.

This is followed by an opening of fast at the mosque with all.

Friday 5thMay

Understanding Anger

Bahu Trust

Leadership And Tarbiyyah Session

Friday 19thMay

Stop & Search

Saying no to knives

Edgbaston Cricket Ground

Leadership session delivered by West Midlands Police

Date TBC

Awards and presentation


Awards handed to all participants, inviting parents and community members


For any queries or question please send us an email at


JazakAllah Khairan

Ustaadh Shauket Fazil

Bahu Trust / BQA