Saturday’s Palestine fundraiser update



Assalamu alaykum dear parents,


I pray this message finds you in the best of health and Imaan inshAllah.

May Allah immensely reward all our beautiful children, parents and families of our community for a truly collective effort in raising funds for our beloved children and families in Palestine. May Allah grant them sabr and awaken our ummah.


It was uplifting to see so many people gather with the pain and duas for the people of Palestine in their hearts. Even more uplifting was to see our children take the lead in organising and running the event alhamdulillah. May Allah accept all our efforts and accept every effort, contribution and dua to alleviate their suffering and also make our efforts a means of sadqa jariya for us and our loved ones. May we all be a waseela of khair for one another.


The total amount raised for Saturday’s fundraiser was £10,515.20 alhamdulillah. This has been handed over to Islamic Help (IH). We have a member of our masjid who is a part of Islamic Help flying over to Cairo to buy ventilators on behalf of the BQA as well as other emergency medical supplies. I will keep you all informed of these purchases and their transport onto the Egyptian Red Crescent convoy into Gaza. I am closely liaising with Islamic Help to ensure that these funds are converted into as much medical and emergency assistance as possible inshAllah.


Collection boxes are also starting to come in and these are being counted, recorded and handed over the same day they are received. Please continue to fill in collection boxes if you still have them and if you want to contribute further and have any questions, please don’t hesitate. I will provide further updates inshAllah.



Ustadh Shauket