How two seven year old siblings became Huffaaz of the Qur’an


As a madrassa we were honoured to guide two of the most brilliant Huffaaz siblings in the UK who started their hifz journey with us a few years ago. They started their hifz journey with us at the age of 5 and become Huffaaz at the age of 7. They went on to win hifz Qur’an competitions all over the UK and obtain ijaazaats in Qur’an recitation at the age of 9.


These brilliant huffaaz are Zacharia and Zahraa Shaafii who are now aged 17 and 18. They have a younger sibling who also completed her hifz aged 7.


These children started their learning in Qur’an and didn’t start formal school learning until they were around 9 years old however they then excelled at secular education and are aiming to become doctors inshAllah. This is an example of success in deen and dunya built on a solid Qur’an education.


I was personally very much involved in their journey and will seek to invite this blessed family for a talk on hifz and parenting to inspire us inshaAllah. I wanted to share an interview given by the mother, sister Nafeesa Shafii, as what she talks about is extremely beneficial for all our parents as she talks about the choices, decisions and efforts that she made to become a mother of the most prestigious huffaaz I have ever met to this day. She is the perfect role model hifz mother and her story is one that you must hear, it may change your life and your children’s lives. Please find the link below:


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JazakAllah Khair

Ustaadh Shauket Fazil

Bahu Trust / BQA