BQA Student – Hafiz Abdul Hamid

Meet Hafiz Abdul Hamid reciting Quran

One of our shining gems who recited taraweeh prayers so the tradition of reciting the Qur’an by heart in the masjid in Ramadan continued. 3 of our students collectively recited the Qur’an by heart which was live streamed every night. Hafiz Abdul Hamid contribted over 20 Juzz recitation of the Holy Qur’an alhamdullillah

BQA Student – Hafiz Abdul Hamid, age 14 years old

BQA’s youngest Imam mashAllah!

Beautiful recitation last weekend by 14 year BQA student Hafiz Abdul Hamid who led the taraweeh prayers at the Bahu Trust this year. Our youngest Imam and ambassador! So proud of him, alhamdulillah!

BQA Student – Hafiz Abdul Hamid

Hifz on the prayer mat, Hafiz Abdul Hamid

13 Year old Hafiz Abdul Hamid revising over the weekend, mashAllah…He very recently completed his full hifz of the Holy Qur’an alhmadulillah. His routine now is to recite at least one juzz revision to his teacher every day.

BQA Student – Hafiz Muhammed Bello Dahiru

Reciting Qur’an At Your Hifz Graduation Ceremony!

Proud moment for our recent Hafiz, Muhammed Bello Dahiru in front of parents, family , teachers, friends and students of the BQA. Reciting sat next to his hifz teacher who oversaw his hifz at the BQA, Shaikh Abid Ismail. InshAllah look forward to praying behind him at the Bahu Trust this ramadan, where he will be one of four reciters leading the taraweeh prayers this year.

BQA Student – Hafiz Muhammed Bello Dahiru

Inspirational Advice Of A Hafiz

Muhammed Bello Dahiru who recently became a Hafiz of the Qur’an shared his heartfelt words during his recent graduation speech last weekend. MashAllah truly inspiration.

BQA Student – Hafiz Muhammed Bello Dahiru

International students at BQA who inspire

Alhamdulillah so pleased to have the inspirational Hafiz Muhammed Bello Dahiru with us. Today he practiced on the musalla with BQA teachers. He completed his hifz with us last year and also led the taraweeh prayers here at the Sultan Bahu Trust. A talented engineering student at Birmingham University who has kept the Qur’an as his guide and companion whilst away from his family in Abuja, Nigeria. An inspiration and role model for us all.

BQA Student – Mustafa Hanafawi – Wins Q Final Qur’an Competition

Mustafa Hanafawi wins Q Final Qur’an Competition mashAllah

BQA student Mustafa Hanafawi and son of BQA Teacher Shaikh Nadi Hanafawi, won the Q Factor 2019 Qur’an competition. Mustafa is one of our own and a huge inspiration for all our students. He comes from a family of strong Egyptian reciters on both his father and mother’s side alhamdullilah. In fact his mother. Shaikha Zainab is related to the legendary Egyptian Shaikh Siddque Minshawi. Congratulations to Mustafa and his family and teachers. Aged just 12 he is a fully accomplished professional reciter of the highest standard alhamdulillah.

BQA Student – Mustafa Hanafawi

Azaan performed for our sisters building, by BQA hifz student Mustafa Hanafawi

BQA Student – Mustafa Hanafawi

11 Year Old Egyptian Shaikh!

Last weekend’s stunning recitation by 11 year old Mustafa Hanafawi mesmerised our gathering of students, teachers and parents, alhamdulillah. What an inspiration and role model for our students. Amazing vocal range and use of maqaamaat! A qari to look out for..

BQA Student – 8 year old Yusuf

Hifz revision session for 8 year old Yusuf

8 year old BQA student Yusuf Jalaluddin Muhammad Sultan Qurayshi revising today with his hifz teacher Shaikh Sajid Sabir, mashAllah

BQA Student – 8 year old Yusuf Jalaluddin Muhammad Sultan Qurayshi

8 Year Old Qari, Mathmetician, Swimmer – our inspiration and future inshAllah.

A normal revision day for 8 year old Yusuf Jalaluddin Muhammad Sultan Qurayshi at the BQA. He recited portions of his tahfeez in prayer supervised by his hifz teacher (Shaikh Sajid). Yusuf is an A star student in his school subjects as well as an accomplished swimmer and mathematician. He is also a Qari of the Qur’an and always recites Qur’an in full ahkaam having memorised nearly 8 juzz of the Qur’an alhmadulillah here at the BQA. He is ably supported by Shaikh Sajid of the BQA and his greatest inspiration and support is his brilliant and loving father, brother Humayoon Qurayshi, who himself is a professional and Qari. Yusuf’s achievements show how masjids and parents can work in partnership to invest and create a promising future for our community. Our futures lies in our children who inshAllah like Yusuf will be the best in both deen and dunya. BQA is at the forefront of dedicating our all to our next generation. So proud of Yusuf – an ambassador for us all alhamdulillah. May Allah protect him and his family, Ameen.

BQA Student – Aiman Azhar, 9 years old – Salah with Translation

Every child should know meaning of salah

All our students are helped to learn their salah in Arabic with simultaneous English word for word and sentence by sentence translation to help them connect spiritually in their prayers. We now have literally hundreds of students who now know their salah with meqnings. This is 9 year old Aiman Azhar who has learned her salah with full marks alhamdullilah

BQA Student – Abdullah Imran

Emotional, Skilful and Simply Brilliant – Hugely talented British Qari.

BQA hifz student Abdullah Imran led taraweeh of the last 10 juzz at the Sultan Bahu Trust this year. He is currently doing his hifz with us and his presence and talent is a huge inspiration for our students and for those that were fortunate enough to pray behind him in taraweeh this year. He is a student in hifz of BQA teacher Shaikh Sajid Sabir and in tajweed he is being mentored by one of our former teachers Shaikh Ahmed Khafagi. He has set the standard of recitation and without doubt is simply brilliant. He is our pride and a role model for all our students being British born and an inspiration for all that hear his recitation. A Qari of the future and through whom the love and teaching of the Qur’an is being furthered inshAllah. May Allah always protect him and accept him from amongst the Ahlul Qur’an – Ameen.

BQA Student – Abdullah Imran

How to recite Qur’an with love

This is BQA hifz student Abdullah Imran preparing for Taraweeh for Ramadan. One of our most inspiring and role model students. Born and bred in the UK yet recites as an accomplished Qari of the Qur’an of the highest standard. These pearls are our future and inshAllah next generation of Imams.

BQA Student – Abdullah Imran

This will relax your soul

Serenity, peace and spirituality…just close your eyes and listen to the words of the Qur’an. In it is shifaa’ and peace. Many thanks to hifz student Abdullah Imran reciting at our recent hifz ceremony gathering, mashAllah

BQA Student – Hafiz Imran Pervaiz aged 16

Emotional Recitation and dua At Qur’an Khatam

This is BQA hifz student, Hafiz Imran Pervaiz reciting the final rakat to complete the recitation of the Qur’an. Aged just 16, this was his 3rd year of leading the taraweeh prayers. Reciting the final passage of the Qur’an after a blessed journey of the Qur’an in the blessed month of Ramadan is an honour that is indescribable and evident in this emotional recitation from last night at the Sultan Bahu Trust, alhamdulillah.

BQA Student – Hafiz Imran Pervaiz aged 14

Recent hifz student leading nafal prayers – BQA Taraweeh student honoured for his efforts.

Alhmaduliilah this is 14 year old Imran Pervaiz who led the last 4 rakah of taraweeh every night this Ramadan at the Academy. This was the first time any of our students led taraweeh prayers so it was an honour and moment of pride to have prayed behind him. Imran managed to attend school, keep all his fasts and lead the taraweeh prayers which is a remarkable feat for a 14 year old. Imran was born in Birmingham and did his complete hifz at the Academy last year. This year he led the last 4 rakahs every night during Ramadan. He was prepared to recite the full Qur’an but as it was his first time he recited 4 rakahs and also supported the second Hafiz and corrected him when required. Last Sunday we honoured Imran with a prize ceremony in front of all BQA students. Imran led all our students 2 rakah prayers in appreciation to our Lord for Imran’s acheivements of which we are all proud. Mashallah he recites beautifully and with confidence. Praying behind him is his father, brother Pervaiz and his teacher Shaikh Hafiz Abid Ismaeel. Imran was blessed with the encouragement and love of his father as well as the support and guidance of his hifz mentor, Shaikh Abid. At 14 Imran has a deep bond with the Qur’an. He recites 2 juzz revision by heart to his teacher every day and inshAllah he will be an Imam and teacher for the coming generations. He is one of many young huffaaz at the Academy. May Allah continue to give all those who serve his Book to continue to do so with sincerety and love. May Allah accept the efforts of all those behind these noble efforts.

BQA Student – Hafiz Nameer Khan – Reciting at his graduation ceremony

Hafiz reciting at his graduation ceremony

Beautiful recital by BQA student Nameer Khan at his recent hifz graduation ceremony, subhanAllah.

BQA Student – Hafiz Nameer Khan – Leading the Salah

From Hifz to Leading the Salah – The Making of an Imam

Our last post was of our newest Hafiz, 13 year old Nameer Khan, who recently finished his hifz with us. Here he is leading the taraweeh prayers (last Ramadan). It is essential that an Imam knows as much Quran as possible and is able to recite it correctly. Hifz and strong tajweed are the initial foundation blocks of learning for an Imam. A strong Hafiz and Qur’an reciter make for a strong scholar and Imam. The journey of any Islamic learning must always start with the Qur’an and memorising it fully is a standard and arguably essential requirement for anyone wishing to become a scholar / Imam.

BQA Student – Hafiz Nameer Khan – Simply beautiful

Nameer Khan revising his Qur’an through nawafil.

The whole building pulsated with this beautiful recitation..imagine the barakah in the homes of students who recite like this every morning and every evening subhanAllah.

BQA Student – Hafiza Hajira Ali, aged 11

FIFTH Hafiz in family has graduation ceremony at BQA

FIFTH Hafiz in family has graduation ceremony alhamdulillah. We held a deeply moving and blessed hifz completion ceremony of Hafiza Hajira Ali, aged 11, this weeked. She is the youngest of 5 siblings ALL of whom completed there hifz here at the BQA. MashAlllah all 5 siblings are strong huffaaz of the Quran. An example of educational success in both deen and dunya, of tarbiyya of the highest standard, of connecting an entire family to the Qur’ an and of opportunity for females to excel in Quran as much as males. Congratulations to the entire family and Hajira’s blessed teacher, Shaikh Zafeer Khan. Our thanks to the Sultan Bahu Trust for supporting the BQA to produce the next generation of huffaaz, Imams and teachers inshAllah. A true beacon of light for the Muslims of Birmingham alhamdulillah

BQA Student – Hafiz Hasnain Tariq – Reciting Surah Saafaat

Surah Saafaat beautifully recited!

BQA student Hafiz Hasnain Tariq skilfully reciting verses from surah Saafaat at a recent hifz graduation ceremony. Beautiful and soothing, mashAllah.

BQA Student – Hafiz Hasnain Tariq – Soothing and skillful recitation

Beautiful Qiraa’ah – BQA

Soothing and skilfull recictation by one of our huffaaz, 14 year old Hasnain Tariq, mashAllah.

BQA Student – Husnat Khadeeja aged 8

8 Year old Husnat completes her recitation of the Qur’an

Alhamdulillah 8 year old Husnat Khadeeja, student of Shaikh Shaukat Ali, recently finished her full recitation of the Qur’an. We wanted to share with you her amazing progress with us here at the BQA and am sure you will agree she recites beautifully. We are so proud of her incredible progress and inspired by her love for the Qur’an – mashAllah. InshAllah a gem for our future generation.

BQA Student – Muhammad Naweed

Some brief words from a new Hafiz

Words of shukr and advice from a new hafiz (Muhammad Naweed) delivered today at his graduation ceremony.

BQA Student – Muhammad Naweed

Proud moment father places turban on his new Hafiz son

Muhammad Naweed’s father and teacher wrapping the turban to symbolise his hifzul Quran. What an honour and moment of pride for all involved alhmadulillah

BQA Student – Hafiz Ehsanul Mustafa – Tajweed training

Tajweed training at BQA

One of our newest huffaaz, Hafiz Ehsanul Mustafa practicing on the musalla today, alhamdulillah. Excellent development and progress.

BQA Students – Hafiz Abdul Hamid and Hafiz Hasnain Tariq

HIfz practice session

Weekend hifz mentoring on the musalla today. Hafiz Abdul Hamid delivering a beautiful recital, mashAllah.

BQA Students – Abdulmajeed and Tayyib – Quran Hifz Revision

BQA – Quran Hifz Revision

Hifz revision on the musalla. Abdulmajeed reciting followed by Tayyib. Both are hifz students of Shaikh Sajid Sabir of the BQA. May Allah keep these students, their parents and their teacher blessed always.

BQA Student – Ahmed Dahli, 16 years old – On his Hifz ceremony

Ahmed Dahli Becomes Hafiz Of Qur’an

Alhamdulillah we celebrated the hifz ceremony of our latest hafiz graduate, 16 year old Ahmed Dahli, who became Hafiz of the Qur’an today. His ceremony was attended by our students who were inspired to hear of his journey of hifz here at the BQA. Our congratulations and duas for Ahmed, his parents, his family, his teacher Hafiz Sajid and all those that were part of this blessed achievement. For Ahmed this is the beginning of his future plans to obtain his ijaza and to teach what he has learned to others in the spirit of “The best amongst you are those that learn the Qur’an and teach it to others” ( hadith).

BQA Student – Ahmed Dahli, 16 years old

Today’s training on the masalla!

MashAllah Ahmed Dahli revising his hifz on the masalla today. One of our senior students. Not long to go until he completes his hifz inshAllah. May Allah give him tawfeeq and all success inshAllah.

BQA Student – Mariam Hamada Abu Saeeda, aged 9


7 Year Old Student brings tears to eyes of teachers today at BQA.

We are holding Qur’an competitions in every class at BQA this month with the finals set to take place on the 25th December. Hundreds of students will be reciting. Today a 7 year old student, Mariam Hamada Abu Saeeda recited and reduced a guest teacher to tears with her beautiful recitation. She was one of 15 students who were assessed today and this was the first time many at the Academy heard her recite. We were all so proud to hear her recite and are sharing this clip so you too can hear how beautiful she recites. Mariam has a lisp but this does not inhibit her from reciting with love, dedication, confidence and to a high standard. She takes pride in her qiraa’ah. She absolutely enoys reciting at the Academy to her teachers and at home where her parents encourage her further. Mariam has spend he last week working on this recital. She is a student of Shaikh Daoodi and was taught her Kaida (pronounication) by Academy teacher Shaikh Abdullah Sadat. May Allah protect her and make her an ambassador of the Qur’an. We will be uploading more recitations from our ongoing competition.

BQA Student – Umayah Bashir Kalyal, aged 9

Why I love the Qur’an…by 9 year old Umayah

Umayah Bashir Kalyal, aged 9, penned the following words to share her feelings for the Qur’an and what it means to her. ” What is so good about the Qur’an? The Qur’an means everthing to me. I love the Qur’an because it is special and holy. The Qur’an makes me feel happy and peaceful. I’d like to teach the Qur’an when I am older. My teachers Shaikh Shaukat Ali and Shaikha Zainab inspired me to learn and read the Qur’an the best I can. I also like the Qur’an because I read it everyday. My mom brings me to masjid and would like me to finish the Qur’an by March and learn surah Yasin by heart which I hope to achieve. Thank you Birmingham Qur’an Academy for your support. By Umayah Bashir Kalyal ” What beautiful words and what a beautiful family who have brought up their daughter with so much love for the Qur’an that she reads it with pride and love at home everyday. She may not know what she wants to do in the future but she knows one thing for sure, that she will one day be a Qur’an teacher, subhanAllah. And its not just Umayah who has this love, but Umayyah has two sisters and a younger brother who have a similar love. These are households in which the Qur’an is recited daily and will continue to bless this family for generations to come inshAllah. Behind such children are the true sacrifices of the parents. The long car journeys to bring them to the masjid after the school run come snow or sleet, the prioritising of their Qur’an learning over social events, the patience and devotion for the cause of Allah and the children’s spiritual development. The parents, Sister Shamim and father, brother Nassar, should be proud of their exemplary tarbiyya of all four children as we here at the BQA are certainly so proud of all that they have achieved. All four siblings started with us with us from Alif Ba Tha and to hear all four of them recite so well evokes so much happiness and joy when we hear them recite and speak of their relationship with the Qur’an. It is an indescribable feeling to be part of a child’s journey of connecting with the Qur’an and for that child to have it in their heart to want to pass it on to others. This is the chain of the Qur’an that has been passed on to us. These children are amongst some of our finest gems at the BQA. They are the promising hopes for our future which is bright so long as the torch of love for the Qur’an continues to pass down to the next generation. And Umayah please remember that when you become a teacher we would love for you to become one of our teachers here at the BQA. You recite absolutely beautifully, alhamdulillah. May Allah bless all those involved in this purest of endeavours.

BQA Students – Tayyab Hussein, 12 year old

Tayyab Hussein reciting like Shaikh Sudais mashAllah..

Todays hifz coaching on the masalla.

BQA Students – Tayyab Hussein, 12 year old

Revision session, 12 year old Tayyab Hussain – beautiful.

We’re back to our normal hifz nawafil sessions that take place every Saturday and Sunday afternoons. This is when our hifz students are encouraged to recite their revision passages in prayer, on a mic and in front of their teacher. Here 12 year old Tayyab is revising in front of his hifz teacher, Shaikh Sajid (in the background) who is making notes for feedback for Tayyab afterwards. Every weekend we have around 8-10 students performing on the mic, This develops their confidence, opens up their vocals, strengthens their revision and most importantly of all develops their confidence to become Imams when inshAllah they grow up to lead in masaajids in front of hundreds of people. We are blessed to have caring and skilled teachers who nurture their students. May Allah accept all their efforts and help us continue to encourage as many youngsters to connect with the Quran and becomes Imams and teachers of the future.

BQA Students – Tayyab Hussein, 12 year old

Nawafil Competition Highlights – Tayyab Hussein

Shaikh Sajid held a nawafil competition this weekend for all his hifz students. The judge was Shaikh Shaukat Ali. Results will be announced to students on Wednesday inshAllah. All the students recited beautifully and did the Academy, their teachers and parents proud. May Allah accept this love for His Holy Book and elevate the status of all those involved. This is 12 year old Tayyab Hussein’s nawafil offering mashAllah.

BQA Students – Tayyab Hussein, 12 year old

Pick of Nawafil Prayers today : 11 year old Tayyab Hussein.

Alhamdulillah it was a busy weekend for students and teachers alike this weekend. It ended with individual nawafil prayers for nawafil hifz students. One of the pick of these students was 11 year old hifz student Tayyab Hussein who has memorised nearly 8 juzz. Here he is reciting in one of his Shaikh Sudais tones mashAllah!

BQA Students – Musa Kamran, Age 9 years old – First nawafil prayers

9 year old Musa Kamran’s first nawafil prayers mashAllah!

9 year old Musa Kamran’s first nawafil prayers mashAllah! Confident and beautifully reading today of half a juzz today in nawafil prayers by 9 year old Musa Kamran. His first ever nafal prayers which he led in front of his proud mother sister Sofia and father, brother Kamran and other family members who were in attendance for this proud achievement alhamdullilah. Musa has been brilliantly guided by BQA teacher sh Rubani. All were proud to see him come so far as a student of the Qur’an and we pray Allah gives him tawfeeq to memorise as much of the Qur’an as possible and give Musa success in both deen and dunya inshAllah. Well done Musa! Alhamdulillah

BQA Students – Teymoor Aslam

Hifz coaching on the masalla !

BQA student Teymoor Aslam developing confidence to one day lead prayers, taraweeh and a become a leader / teacher one day inshAllah! Here he is being coached by Hafiz Sajid. He is one of our shining students mashAllah. His passions are Quran and boxing! May Allah give him Tawfeeq to succeed in deen and dunya

BQA Students – Teymoor Aslam

How beautiful!

May Allah bless and give Teymoor the tawfique to continue and finish his tahfeez of the Quran and maintain his love of reciting…a love which is always apparent in how he recites, subhanAllah. The best way to bring up a child in today’s day and age is to instil in them the love of the Qur’an.

BQA Students – Adullahi Hamid aged 13

Hifz Revision

BQA hifz student, Adullahi Hamid aged 13, reciting majestically in nawafil prayers today mashAllah

BQA Students – Abdul Majeed, age 8 years old

8 Year Old Abdul Majeed First Nawafil MashAllah

Beautiful recital of 30th Juzz by Abdul Majeed who recited his first nawafil during this weekends nawafil competition. What a high standard he set mashAllah.

BQA Student – Hamza Adeen aged 10 – First recitation

10 Year Old Hamza Adeen’s first recitation

Hamza reciting during one of our hifz graduation ceremonies. Such a beautiful and skilfull recitation mashAllah. Hamza has been with us from the very start just over 2 years ago where he did his kaida, nazra (reading by looking) and is now a very dedicated hifz student. Just one of the beautiful gems here at the BQA, alhamdulillah,

BQA Student – 12 Year Old Ishaaq Asghar

12 Year Old Ishaaq Asghar’s Beautiful Recitation.

12 Year Old Ishaaq Asghar recited at our hifz ceremony this weekend. May Allah give him more tawfeeq and keep him blessed

BQA Student – Hafiz Rahim Abbas

Recitation of our new hafiz Rahim Abbas

Rahim Abbas reciting at his hifz graduation ceremony today. Sat with his proud teacher and in front of family relatives and hundreds of students. Proud day alhamduliilah

BQA Student – Ahmed Said, aged 11 – Reciting for the first time

Ahmed Said, aged 11, reciting for the first time mashAllah

BQA Student – Yusuf Jalaluddin Muhammad Sultan

How to recite with hifz, tajweed and ahkaam by brilliant 7 year old BQA student.

A normal revision day for 7 year old Yusuf Jalaluddin Muhammad Sultan Qurayshi at the BQA. He recited portions of his tahfeez in prayer supervised by his hifz teacher (Shaikh Sajid) and in the presence of his father, brother Humayoon Qurayshi. Yusuf has now memorised 3 Juzz all with ahkaam. An amazing endeavour led by the young and upcoming Hafiz and Qari Yusuf himself with support from his hifz teacher at the BQA and his supportive father who works with Yusuf at home – AllahuAkbar!

BQA Student – 11 year old Is’haaq Asghar – Reciting Surah Rahman

Beautiful Revision Of Surah Rahman By A British Qari In The Making – Aged Just 11.

Amongst the pick of our students who stayed behind today to revise their hifz revision in nawafil prayers was this amazingly gifted and talented hifz student, 11 year old Is’haaq Asghar, subhanAllah. Is’haaq is ably supported and taught by one of our young huffaaz teachers, Hafiz Sajid. who is also British and young (being in his early twenties). What an inspiration to see such colloboration of young teachers and young students working on this beautiful Qur’an project – a project that is an investment for our future generations inshAllah. Is’haaq has acheived in the Academy what many can’t achieve in a lifetime. In just 2 years he did his kayda (alif ba tha), Qur’an reading by looking and then cosolidation of his tajweed. To date he has memorised 5 juzz. And how beautiful he recites mashAllah. We asked Is’haaq today about his experinces as a hifz student. He stated that hifz is definitely hard but that a student should always keep going and never give up. He said there would be days when you feel down or even people can make you feel down but that one should always be strong and focussed. He also stated that the greatest influence in his life was his mother who introduced him to the Arabic letters and encourages him in his Quran. His main motivation to be a hafiz is to please Allah and to make his mother proud, subhanAllah. Is’haaq is not yet sure what profession he wants to go in. He said he may become a doctor or surgeon inshAllah, He certainly has the potential to achieve great things in life inshAllah but he said that whatever he becomes, he will always teach the Qur’an to others. What an amazing inspiration!….We pray he completes this noble task and that he has great success in his spiritual and worldly goals inshAllah.

BQA Student – Abdullah Akhtar

Huffaaz revision in prayers – Abdullah Akhtar

Four students prepared and led nawafil prayers today to help consolidate their revision of the Qur’an. One of these was our BQA hafiz Abdullah Akhtar who has been with us from the very start. He completed his hifz over a year ago and now revises his Qur’an with our teachers. By leading prayers as shown in this video students gain confidence and depth which is essential for when they are asked to lead taraweeh prayers. It also provides teachers an opportunity to give feedback to the student with regards to the students revision, tajweed, voice etc. It develops confidence and leadership skills. Abdullah is all ready to lead taraweeh prayers for next year inshAllah. Aged 14 he can now focus on his GCSE goals as well ah maintain his Qur’an. At the BQA we work hand in hand with parents to guide students in their Quranic education and have often found that those students and parents who show commitment at an early age achieve targets such as tahfeez of the Holy Qur’an as well as success in their schooling. Both areas are essential but the process of managing both areas involves close co-ordination between parents and Qur’an teachers. This is what defines and distinguishes the BQA as a lead Qura’nic institute for children alhamdulillah.

BQA Student – 10 Year Old Sabir Rashid

10 Year Olds like Sabir Rashid are our future…beautiful recitation.

10 Year Old Sabir is an example to us all, subhanAllah

BQA student Sabir Rashid has a deep love and bond with the Holy Qur’an. He stands out amongst his peers in his Qur’an class for his loud, confident and skillful reading. At such a tender age his love for the Qur’an is an inspiration and example of how children should be raised. Sabir was introduced to the Qur’an by his mother who always ensured he was absorbed in the listening as well as the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. A child is moulded by his/her surroundings and what better surroundings than to constantly hear the words of Allah at home on CD, in the car, in the masjid, at home etc. Sure Sabir will learn the meanings of this beautiful book and the beautiful messages within that will instil in him kindness, patience, faith, tolerance etc. However this bond often begins with recitation. Sabir has great character and is always praised by his teacher mashAllah for his good behaviour. Again this is the upbringing / tarbiyya of the parents. At the Birmingham Qur’an Academy we welcome and encourage students who have a love for the Qur’an like Sabir. Many students have developed this love within our Academy simply by being encouraged and supported to recite but we often find that those students who are further encouraged at home are those that stand out like Sabir. With Qur’an deep in a child’s heart a child is primed for worldly and spiritual success and it is these wholesome individuals that make for a promising future inshAllah. Sabir is reading his 12th juzz by looking with Shaikh Ghulam Mustafa Al-Azhari of the BQA. His mother is working on his tahfeez at home. As soon as Sabir feels comfortable enough he will start the tahfeez programme at the BQA – and what a fine hafiz he would make inshAllah!

BQA Student – 10 Year Old Sabir Rashid

BQA Student – 12 year old Abdullah Akhtar

BQA Students – Sabrina aged 8 – Reciting In BQA Competition

8 Year Old Sabrina Reciting In BQA Competition – Soothing recitation

Here is a clip of another gem discovered at the Academy over the weekend, 8 year old Sabrina Rashid. Sabrina is a student of Shaikh Abdallah Daudi with whom she has been practicing her allocated passage of recitation. She spent a week preparing a page of Surah Najam. With all the practicing done in class nothing can prepare a student for the actual competition day where nerves always take the better of most students…but no sign of nerves from Sabrina here. She recited with full confidence and control in front of a hall full of students, teachers and the judges. Also present was her proud mother who works with Sabrina’s recitation at home too. Enjoy her recitation….the top 3 students from each class at the BQA will be entered for the finals to be held on the 25th December inshAllah

BQA Student – Hashim Hussain, aged 7

7 Year Old Hashim’s 7 months at the Academy – Beautiful reading MashAllah

Hashim Hussain started at the Birmingham Qur’an Academy around 7 months ago from page one of the letters (alif baa tha), and so started from the very beginning. Here he is reciting like an Arab mashAllah even though he is non-Arab and does not speak or understand Arabic. He worked very hard on his pronounciation and then on his fluency of the Qur’an. He did his makharij with one of our expert makharij teachers, Shaikh Abdullah Sadat and then settled into the class of one of our Azhari teachers, Shaikh Nadi Al-Hanafawi who is working on his fluency, reading skills and tajweed/ahkaam rules. He is also supported through 1-1 lessons by one of our young but extremely strong Hifz teachers, Shaikh Ridwan, who also assists Hashim in his reading by looking. Hashim and his family are dedicated to the Qur’an. He attends the Academy at least 5 times per week and has hifz of the Holy Qur’an as his main objective. We are immensely proud of his achievements to date and the standard of his reading and level of Tajweed at this tender age. More importantly, Hashim enjoys reciting the Qur’an and is developing a connection with Allah’s Holy Book. His parents support him fully and encourage him everyday by asking teachers constantly about his progress and by working closely with all his teachers to ensure he is on track. As soon as Hashim reads a few juzz with strong fluency he will be a strong candidate for tahfeez inshAllah. Hashim has grown in confidence with the barakah of the Qur’an. May Allah open his heart up further and make him an ambassador of the Qur’an inshAllah.

BQA Student – Yusuf Jalaluddin Muhammad Sultan-Qurayshi age 6

How many six year olds can recite like this? Yusuf’s love of the Holy Qur’an

This is 6 year old Yusuf practicing reading at home with his father. Yusuf Jalaluddin Muhammad Sultan-Qurayshi’s journey towards learning to read the Quran started in late 2014 when his father brought him to participate in the Children’s Mawlid Programme at the Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust. Inspired by the experience and on the way home, Yusuf spoke to his father of wanting to learn the Quran. Still only four years old his father suggested he wait til he was older, but after another three months of requesting to be taught the Quran, his father agreed and registered Yusuf to start studying at the Birmingham Quran Academy… After registering, Yusuf was assigned, and started studying the Qaida under Shaykh Abdullah Sadat, a remarkably strong teacher at this level, masha Allah. Shaykh Abdullah carefully guided Yusuf through the initial stages of his journey, ensuring accuracy of his pronunciation and understanding of the rules. After completing the Qaida, Yusuf was moved up to the Nazra level where he was first taught by Shaykh Nadi Al Hanafawi and then by Shaykh Hudhaifa. Yusuf has also benefited from, and been taught be many of the other Shuyukh based at the BQA… Yusuf is a very keen reciter of the Quran and often practices at home with his father. His keen interest has also inspired his little sister, Ruqayyah, who has whilst listening to Yusuf reading at home, also memorised a large portion of Surah Naba, masha Allah. In addition to his Quranic studies Yusuf is also a strong student at his Primary School, loves Mathematics, and also enjoys watching Rugby Union with his father. May his Quranic studies complement his work at school and other activities, and may he grow to be an upright and productive member of society, and a true representative of Rasool Allah (s.a.w). Yusuf’s progress has been exceptional. His attendance at the BQA has averaged just 1-2 days per week. Although he was ably supported by BQA teachers, his parents, particularly his father, worked in tandem with Yusuf’s Qur’an teachers, constantly encouraging Yusuf throughout and maintaining consistency and a fine balance of secular and Islamic education ensuring that Yusuf is primed to excel in both areas inshAllah. This shows the pivotal role parents play in the spiritual development of a child who when given the right madrassa and home environment can excel to the highest levels. This is one of the main reasons Yusuf has shown remarkable progress and amongst other achievements inshAllah, we pray he will be a sincere and true ambassador of the Qur’an inshAllah. He is reading his second Juzz of the Qur’an now and has a long journey ahead of him but the foundations that are being laid at such a tender age are a source of inspiration for all involved in Yusuf’s development. Yusuf was born and bred in Birmingham. He is brought up with a strong Islamic identify to shape his spiritual identity but with the pride of also identifying with strong British values, both are complementary and vital for our children to know. He enjoys going on educational trips with his father to museums, educational day activities but as part of his routine the Qur’an is also made a focal point of his development.

BQA Student – Hafiz Ahmad Tahir

Hifz graduation recital of Hafiz Ahmad Tahir today in Birmingham. Alhmadulillah hundreds of students witnessed the hifz ceremony today of our latest Hafiz of the Qur’an, Ahmad Tahir, who recently completed his tahfeez of the Holy Qur’an at the Birmingham Qur’an Academy. Amongst those present were the immediate family of Hafiz Tahir, BQA teachers,350 students of the Academy and guests including a patron of the Bahu Trust, Shaikh Sultan Niazul Hassan. There were recitations of the Qur’an from students and teachers alike and naseeha from Shaikh Allama Amar, head of the Siraat engagement dawa programme. Our thanks to all who attended. It was a proud moment to hear Hafiz Ahmad recite in front of his parents, teachers and fellow students and marked the beginning of the next phase of his journey which is consolidation of the Qur’an and focus on teaching it to others. Hafiz Ahmad is originally from Luton and we pray that the blessings and good work he has accumulated here at the BQA is one day shared with the people of Luton to whom Hafiz Ahmad will one day return as a teacher of the Qur’an inshAllah. This is Hafiz Ahmad reciting at the ceremony. Sat alongside him is his BQA hifz teacher, Shaikh Abid Ismaeel.

BQA Students – Yusuf and Ahmad, 5 and 8 years old – Reciting Surah Nab’a

Duet Qur’an recitation by 5 year old and 8 year old

Both Yusuf and Ahmad study in the same class at the Birmingham Qur’an Academy with Shaikh Naadi. They read 1-1 to their teacher but also often read to one another encouraging each other in the process. They are friends and have come to know each other through their love of the Qur’an which has given them confidence and pride as can be seen in this video. At our Academy we welcome and embrace students from all cultures and backgrounds in the spirit of the unifying force of the Qur’an which teaches us to love one another as one humanity for the love of the one God… Both Ahmad and Yusuf enjoy school so it is important that they enjoy reciting and learning the Qur’an too, something which we are always striving to do for all our students.

BQA Students – Ibrahim Fazil, 6 years old – Reciting Surah Al-Qalam

6 year old student wants to become a Qur’an teacher

Six year old Ibrahim has just recited his first Qur’an passage with tajweed rules and we have put up his recitation to encourage parents to motivate their children with the recitation of the book of Allah. Ibrahim’s favourite author is Roald Dahl but alongside his daily English reading books he always makes time to keep up with his Qur’an recitation and recently, his Qur’an memorisation. A daily routine that starts with the recitation of the Qur’an will bring blessings and success to the students and the household in which they recite. Ibrahim has read 3 juzz by looking and has memorised 1.5 juzz. He attends the Birmingham Qur’an Academy where he has been taught by Shaikh Abdullah Sadat and Shaikh Naadi Hanafawi. He started from the very beginning at the Academy. His parents and teachers both work in co-ordination so that he works on his Qur’an both at home and the masjid. Children whose hearts are fragranced with the Qur’an are children who will carry the promise of a better society when they become professionals yet teachers of the Qur’an, carrying on the legacy of sacred knowledge passed down to us from the divince source. Here is Ibrahim reciting with Tajweed / ahkaam rules for the very first time. May Allah bless his family and teachers and make him a teacher of the Qur’an one day inshAllah.

BQA Student – Hafiz Abdullah Akhtar, 12 years old – Leads His First Taraweeh Prayer

12 Year British student leads his first taraweeh prayer – beautiful

BQA student and recently turned Hafiz, Abdullah Akhtar (aged 12), led 4 rakahs of Taraweeh yesterday. This was his first ever taraweeh prayer. Having just finished his tahfeez last month he is now working on strengthening his tajweed/ahkaam application. Alhamdulillah it was encouraging to hear so much strength, potential abd huge improvement in his reading at such a tender age. What a beautiful Qari Abdullah is deveoping into inshAllah by the tawfeeq of Allah. Abdullah has spend the last 4 years working solid on his hifz and now wants to work on his Ijaaza inshAllah. The 4 rakahs led by Abdullah last night were absolutely beautiful. All those that prayed behind him thoroughly enjoyed his serene recitation and were inspired by his love for the Qur’an. May Allah bless Abdullah, his parents and teachers for all their efforts. We had 3 of our latest huffaaz recite last night, with Abdullah being one of the picks MashAllah.

BQA Student – 11 Year Old Hafiza Sabeeha Khan

11 Year Old Sabeeha Khan Honoured As Hafiza Of Qur’an.

Alhamdulillah, today was an inspirational and proud day for the Birmingham Qur’an Academy as our first hafiza of the Qur’an, Sabeeha Khan, was honoured after she recited her last passage of the Qur’an in front of her teacher Shaikh Ridwan and hundreds of people gathered to witness her hifz graduation at the Bahu Trust today. It was a truly proud moment for a daughter of the Academy. Our congratulations to Sabeeha, her teachers, parents, grandparents and her entire family. Sabeeha has been at the Academy for nearly 3 years and has not only memorised the Qur’an from beginning to end at the Academy with distinction as her revision of the Qur’an is solid mashAllah, but she has strong potential to obtain Ijazaats and become an accomplished Qaari’a of the Qur’an inshAllah. Her achievement is our hope of a stronger future for our daughters through the blessings of the Qur’an. She also has a beautiful voice which was heard by all today and through her example she showed how it is easily possible for females alike to excel in Qur’anic education. At the Academy we encourage males and females to reach the highest standards but unfortunately due to some cultural misconceptions we sometimes see females not encouraged as much as males so the fact that Sabeeha became a hafiza in the footsteps of her brother, Subhaan Khan, is all the more inspirational and does much to re-energise our efforts further in promoting the Qur’anic education of all the daughters at our Academy. May Allah accept the efforts of all our students, teachers and parents towards this most noble of causes and may He choose us from among the Ahl ul Qur’an – Ameen.

BQA Student – Zayd Hajmohand, 8 years old – Angelic and stunning recitation

The most beautiful recitation from an 8 year old 

Eight year old Zayd Hajmohand has set the standard for all BQA students with this mesmorising and high quality recitation today. He was one of 40 students who recited in front of judges today and caught their attention. He will be a strong contender for the finals that take place on the 25th December. In total 300 BQA students are taking part in the competition that has revealed some beautiful recitation talent at the Academy. Zayd is one of our most promising students and an inspiration to us all. Zayd started at the Academy a year ago from the kaida letters. He was unable to read any Arabic before he started with us so to hear him perform to the standard he has attained in one year reminds us and reassures us all at the Academy of the importance of the blessed work we all undertake here at the Academy. These children are our future and ambassadors of the Qur’an in the future. What we do in this world will remain here but what we do towards creating a legacy in our children will be what will really count as parents. Zayd was taught his kaida and first juzz at the Academy by Shaikh Abdullah Sadat and then went on to continue his qiraa’ah with Shaikh Shaukat Ali who helped prepare him for this competition. May Allah bless Zayd, his parents, family, teachers and all the work carried out for the benefit of hundreds of students at the Birmingham Qur’an Academy.

BQA Student – Teymoor Aslam, 12 years old – Heart rendering recitation

Beautiful heart rendering recitation by 12 year old at BQA finals – MashAllah

This was a heart felt recitation last weekend at the BQA recitation finals by 12 year old Teymoor Aslam. Teymoor is approaching his 10 juzz of hifz mashAllah and has recently really opened up his recitation in the past few months by reciting at assemblies and now bigger events. By doing so his confidence has grown and his recitaton has gotten more beautiful. With further work and polishing Teymoor will be a joy to pray behind once he leads prayers, we are sure you will agree. May Allah keep him on this path and give him every success in the deen and dunya inshAllah.