We are committed to ensuring that all our children are taught in a safe and comfortable environment.  Safeguarding our students is therefore one of our top priorities.  Our safeguarding features are the following:


  • We carry out background checks (including DBS checks) on all our teachers to ensure that they are child-friendly and have a genuine love for the Qur’an.  We are non-sectarian and encourage Muslims of all backgrounds as we all have the love of reciting the Qur’an in common.  Our teachers’ main role is to connect children through the love of recitation of the Qur’an.


  • All our classes are monitored online from a management portal where we observe all classes online. All classes have an observer present from our management at all times where we can see teachers and students.
  • Our class logins are centrally generated and issued. In the event of an absence by any teacher we arrange cover immediately as we have centralised management and central co-ordination in place.


  • We are not individual teachers but an institution that has the insight and professionalism to keep our classes safe through regular monitoring and audits of teacher’s performance.


  • All teachers write up a daily report on the progress of their students straight after the lesson for ourselves to review. This is checked daily in line with the set targets we have agreed with the student/parent.  This ensures no student is forgotten and that this daily progress report will also be checked by the student’s personal tutor (supervisor) to safeguard a child’s learning as well as for general safety.


  • We hold regular meetings and reviews with all out teachers to ensure that they are aware of safeguarding issues. All our teachers have completed safeguarding courses.
We have a comprehensive child safety policy that you can see in our ‘More’ section.