About Us

The Birmingham Quran Academy is a renowned madrassa for the prevision of Quran education for children aged 5-16. We are experts in the teaching of tajweed, hifz, Quran recitation and anything to do with learning the recitation of the Quran. With over 50 teachers under one roof we combine the strength of a traditional madrassa set up with a modern outlook as all our teacher are English speaking who  understand how to teach Quran to children.
We are set up in a large traditional Masjid (for our boys) in an open place area and an adjacent building dedicated for our girls. We have over 600 children for weekday + weekend Quran classes to cater for all levels of Quran reading levels and hifz.
We at the BQA are always innovating in our teaching methods particularly focused on introducing as much technology as possible to assist its students and is now at a stage where we use computer software to supplement Qur’an recitation whilst at the same time holding strong onto traditional methods of teaching and of assessment. Other areas such as Qur’anic Arabic and Islamic studies that is taught in class and via supplementary E-learning has been introduced which is vital to help create a deeper bond between students and the Qur’an.  Our whole curriculum is therefore Qur’an focused in its entirety.

Our Vision

The Birmingham Qur’an Academy’s vision is to be an exceptional learning institution so that our students develop a powerful connection with Allah and become living examples of the Quran, by following the sunnah of the Prophet  .
To realise this vision we aim to:
  • Achieve excellence by providing outstanding teaching in the science of Qur’anic recitation
  • Provide a nurturing environment, which supports the students needs and promotes the development of God Consciousness and faith.
  • Ensure equal opportunities with a commitment to access and social mobility
  • Promote institutional improvement through high quality professional development

Our Featured Classes

Our Featured Classes are selected through a rigorous process and uniquely created for each semester.

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