Palestine fundraising update / Gaza convoy supplies



Assalamu Alaykum dear parents,


So far we have fundraised nearly £25,000 for Palestine and request parents to continue to donate. We have used funds raised so far to purchase 13 ventilators (at a cost of £1500 each and other essential supplies). Our own locals from Islamic Help have travelled out to Cairo to purchase these supplies and load them onto the convoy. These supplies are going into Gaza today InshaAllah. Please see the update video from Cairo below from brother Nazim, a former student of the masjid now turned aid worker.


As you will know the Egyptian Red Crescent is sending in vital supplies across the Rafah border into Gaza. Our local masjid based charity, Islamic Help, are officially approved to use this convoy and as you can see in the video below we are readying items to go onto the convoy. The next convoy is scheduled for the weekend so please continue to donate as each donation and effort makes a difference to them and to our akhirah too.

You can donate towards the cost of more ventilators as these are needed and in short supply. If you haven’t filled in the collection boxes we sent out please do fill them in and if you would like a further box please ask for one. The more we donate, whatever we can, the more we also remind and keep our hearts alive and open for our brothers and sisters who we owe so much to. They are not forgotten and we should all do our utmost with the tawfeeq Allah has given us to continue all our efforts in every way we can.

May Allah reward all our efforts and bring peace and justice to the beautiful people of Palestine.


Please note that you can also donate your zakaat as well as sadqa for this cause. If it is for zakaat just inform us so it is used for zakaat purposes.


BarakAllahu feekum


Ustadh Shauket