What makes the BQA stand out is our unrivalled experience of teaching the Qur’an at all levels of a student’s journey, from the beginning to the final ijazah level and beyond.  Teaching the Qur’an is not simply a matter of finding a Qari / reciter but finding a teacher who knows how to teach and can identify strengths and weaknesses of a student.  At the BQA we have a huge range of teachers and this accumulative talent and experience is used to trouble shoot and identify solutions for students who may have struggled elsewhere.  Our primary teaching experience was gained physically teaching thousands of British students here in the UK and Alhamdulillah we are now able to transfer this experience online were it is desperately needed.  Below are the BQA’s distinctive and unique online features that mean you can stay rest assured you are in the best hands.
BQA Teachers at an event

Dedicated supervisor overseeing your child’s progress.

  • Your child is allocated a PERSONAL SUPERVISOR to track and constantly check their progress.  This supervisor checks daily report progress reports of your student to ensure that the teacher is hitting daily targets.
  • DAILY progress reports are made for your child and checked by our supervisors.
  • All our classes are monitored and observed online by our supervisors from our offices here in Birmingham.
  • Students are TESTED as they progress independently by our supervisors to ensure quality and both teachers and students are achieving agreed targets.
  • Supervisors are all experienced tajweed teachers and managers so take personal RESPONSIBILITY for the progress of all students.
  • Your child’s supervisor and class teacher will regularly REVIEW your child’s progress and discuss any issues to help support your child further.
  • Supervisors will give regular reports and updates on your child’s progress as we make daily records for every student.


We are committed in ensuring that all our children are taught in a safe and comfortable environment.  Safeguarding is therefore one of our top priorities.  All are teachers are:
  • We carry out background checks on all our teachers to ensure that they are child-friendly and have a genuine love for the Qur’an.  We are non-sectarian and encourage Muslims of all backgrounds as we all have the love of reciting the Qur’an in common.
  • All our classes are monitored online from a management portal where we can observe all classes online.
  • Our class logins are centrally generated and issued. In the event of an absence by any teacher we arrange cover immediately as we have management and central co-ordination in place.
  • We are not individual teachers but an institution that has the insight and professionalism to keep our classes safe through regular monitoring and audits of teacher’s performance.
Maqamaat Class
Nazra Class at Birmingham Quran Academy

Unrivalled expertise of our teachers!

  • Our results speak for themselves – please see our section on ‘meet our students’ and our videos taken of our student performances. We have developed student to lead taraweeh prayers on a regular basis and are a renowned and trusted Qur’an institute in the UK.
  • We are one of the biggest physical Qur’an teaching set ups in the UK with over 45 teachers and 600 students all under one roof! This is one of highest concentration of teachers and students all in one place and all dedicated to the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.  We offer these bring this expertise online!
  • Over 10 years of experience of teaching at every level of recitation at institutional level.
  • Our teachers SPECIALISE in the areas of Qur’an that they teach. Not every teacher can teach beginner level as this is the most crucial stage of learning where we have the greatest expertise.  If this stage is done properly,  reciting the Qur’an becomes so much easier!
  • All our teachers are accredited with an IJAZA for the level that they teach. That is, a teacher has been approved by us in their ability to not only recite at that level but also they have accreditation for their teaching ability.  A great reciter does not necessarily make a great teacher!
Overview of one of our class at Birmingham Quran Academy
Hifz Class
Teaching students to complete the memorisation of the entire Qur’an.
  • We place a heavy emphasize on effective communication and engagement. As we are based in the UK and serve students from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Austrialia, our front line teachers are all British and native English speakers who are experienced in teaching English speaking students.
  • Beyond the basic level we specialise in specialist Qur’an recitation areas such as Qur’an recitation by looking (Nazra) and hifz (memorisation). In fact we are the leading institutes in the UK for the memorisation of the Qur’an however all our huffaaz have come through the ranks with us, starting their journey with us.  We have specialist teachers for every level and dedicated supervisors to ensure that students are progressing as they should!
  • We TRAIN all our teachers to the standards that we expect. For this reason we have a consistent approach to teaching,  a high success rate and huge reputation for teaching English speaking children Qur’an recitation.  If all teachers taught in their own different ways, results would be mixed but with our consistent approach to teaching and standards we aim to never let a student down.
  • Your child is placed with the BEST teacher after we assess your child based on their reading needs and their personalities! Teachers and students need to get on!
  • You can see our results in our ‘meet our students’ page!
Nazara Class
BQA Nazra classes offer fluency of reading and an understanding of the rules of Tajweed


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