Meet the medics of Gaza. Islamic Help charity dinner, Saturday 10th February



Assalamu Alaykum dear parents,


I pray this message finds you in the best of health and Imaan Insha’Allah.


Alhamdulillah, through your support Islamic Help have been able to send surgeons into Gaza to provide life saving procedures and care to those who have suffered injuries due to the ongoing genocide in Gaza.


Islamic Help is providing you an opportunity to meet the surgeons at a Dinner in aid of delivering more surgical deployments to Gaza over the next 12 months.


We will be hosting a Charity Dinner on Saturday 10th February at the Birmingham Hotel where you will get the opportunity to hear first hand accounts of the surgeons and the impact of YOUR donations as well as a 3 course meal and light entertainment.


You can book tickets for this event here


If tickets are not available through this link please let me know and I will arrange for you Insha’Allah.


If you have any questions or queries of the above kindly email us


JazakAllah Khair

Ustaadh Shauket Fazil

Bahu Trust / BQA