BQA Teacher – Shaikh Nadi – Reciting Surah Qad’r

Egyptian Shaikh Nadi Al-Hanafawi’s Weekend Recitation

Beautiful opening recitation during the Hifz ceremony of our latest Huffaaz by Shaikh Nadi Al-Hanafawi, a graduate and Shaikh from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, and BQA teacher for the last 5 years alhamdulillah. A true, humble, sincere, loving teacher and ambassador of the Qur’an.

BQA Teacher – Shaikh Nadi – Leading Taraweeh

Shaikh Nadi leading taraweeh in Birmingham

BQA teacher Shaikh Nadi of Egypt is leading taraweeh prayers at 288 Camden Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B187PW. Here is a clip recorded a few days ago. May Allah elevate Shaikh Nadi’s rank.

BQA Teacher – Shaikh Nadi

Voice training and practice of Juzz 29 for beginners

Beautiful introduction to Qur’an recitation for our students. Our level 1 Qur’an students who have finished their first Juzz (Juzz 30th) being introduced to their next juzz (29th) by Shaikh Naadi.

BQA Teacher – Shaikh Nadi with BQA student Hafiz Shoaib

Voice training for Qur’an recitation

A short clip of a voice training session, courtesy of BQA teacher Shaikh Nadi and BQA student Hafiz Shoaib

BQA Teacher – SShaikh Daoodi


 Alhamdulillah we are pleased to announce that this years taraweeh prayers at the Sultan Bahu Trust will be lead by 2 of our most esteemed and talented Qur’an teachers, Shaikh Daoodi and Shaikh Ridwan. Both have contrasting styles of recitation ( 10 slow and melodious rakahs lead by Shaikh Daoodi followed by 10 fast pace hadr rakahs lead by Shaikh Ridwan). We will also stream our taraweehs whenever possible inshAllah. This year special car parking provision ( at the rear of the masjid) has been made so please come along this Ramadan to pray behind the Academy Shaookh. We have prayer halls for sisters too so all welcome inshAllah. Here is a sample of Shaikh Daoodi’s murattal recitation.

BQA Teacher – Shaikh Ibrahim – Reciting Surah Yusuf

Surah Yusuf so beautifully recited by sh Ibrahim of Egypt.

Surah Yusuf is undoubtedly one of the most epic and beautiful stories of the Qur’an and recognised as such in world literature. There are many versions of this story but the version in the Qur’an is heavenly sublime and heart rendering. We were honoured with this masterful recital of a passage from this beautiful surah by sh Ibrahim during our recent hifz graduation ceremony.

BQA Teacher – Shaikh Ibrahim

Shaikh Ibraheem’s First Recital Of Qur’an at BQA – SubhanAllah

Shaikh Ibraheem’s First Recital Of Qur’an at BQA – SubhanAllah.

BQA Teacher – Shaikh Mahmood Fawzi

Beautiful opening recitation by Shaikh Mahmood Fawzi at Birmingham Qur’an Academy Competiton

Shaikh Mahmood was one of our very first teachers from Egypt four years ago. He was one of our guest judges for our Qur’an recitation competition held on the 25th December. His soothing recitation set the tone for a beautiful morning of nearly four hours of beautiful recitals by students of the BQA who sit in the company of esteemed shayookh at the BQA daily and also aspire to become reciters like Shaikh Mahmood. We are blessed to be surrounded by Shayookh like him and the likes of other Shayookh. In total the BQA is blessed with a daily teaching compliment of 35 Qur’an teachers Alhmaduliilah.

BQA Teacher – Shaikh Mahmood Fawzi

Heart rendering recitation today by Shaikh Mahmood Fawzy – beautiful.

Shaikh Mahmood Fawzi’s awesome murattal recitation at BQA today. The BQA held a hifz ceremony today for 2 of it’s latest huffaaz, Imran Pavaiz and Issa Hussain. We were honoured to host many Shayookh guests including Shaikh Mahmood Fawzi, Shaikh Ahmad Khafagi and Shaikh Abu Haroon Abdul Lateef, all Azharite Shayookh. We were also treated to beautiful recitations by Hafiz Zachariyya Shafi and Hafiza Zahra Shafi. BQA students, teachers. parents and even relatives of the new huffaaz all recited mashAllah! It was a blessed Qur’an filled event and a reminder of the importance and duties attached to tahfeez ul Qur’an. We will share more on this ceremony but for now here is a short clip from today’s ceremony of an awesome murattal reciter, Shaikh Mahmood Fawzi, who is a former BQA teacher. He is leading taraweeh at Anderton Road masjid, Sparkhill, Bham, this year. Taraweeh at BQA/Bahu Trust will be led by Shaikh Abdullah Daoodi and Shaikh Ridwan inshAllah.

BQA Teacher – Shaikh Amr Al-Alimy

A brilliant majestic recitation, the best you will ever hear – Sh Amr Al-Alimy at the BQA

تلاوة جميلة في مسجد السلطان بهو ، مدينة برمنغهام ، من أحد أفضل القراء في أوروبا ، الحمد لله. الشيخ عمرو العليمي.

Simply no words to describe this recitation performed at the BQA yesterday. Thank you to our main guest Shaikh Amr Al-Alimy for reciting to our students yesterday. Shaikh Amr was one of our first distinguished Qaris to join us from Egypt in 2012 and revisited us yesterday to continue with the barakah he is always a part of inshAllah. Sheer brilliance in the art of qiraa’ah, alhamdulillah.

BQA Teacher – Hafiz Ridwan

Young British teachers of the Qur’an – Hafiz Ridwan of the BQA

A young teacher of the Qur’an inspiring the next generation – … What do most 20 year olds get up to nowadays? Try to remember yourself what you did in your youth or if you are younger what are your plans or aspirations for when you reach twenty. If your plans were/are to become successful by means of a career or material wealth then that is an average aspiration – it is to benefit yourself which is nothing special. What makes one stand out from the crowd is selflessness and service to others especially in the way of Allah – Hafiz Ridwan’s youth is an example of what makes a person special and unique. He is British and was raised in England. He became a full time Ustadh (teacher) at the age of 20 years. He is now 24. He often teaches students up to 10 hours per day, 7 days per week all in the cause of the love of the Qur’an. May Allah accept him from the Ahlul Qur’an. When it is ‘normal’ to give in to the attractions of the dunya/world it requires strength and courage to resist the temptations of the dunya and to serve others in the way of the deen. Such people are rare to find. Hafiz Ridwan has been teaching children at the Academy at least 8 hours per day from the age of 20. He teaches Arabic phonics, qira’ah by looking, tajweed theory and also tahfeez of the Holy Qur’an. In fact he was the teacher of our recent hifz student, Sabeeha Khan (sat beside him), guiding the transition of the words of the Qur’an into her heart – what a noble task to undertake during ones youth. Hafiz Ridwan has been instrumental in the success of so many of our students and his services to the Qur’an that started at such a young age is an inspiration to all that know him. He left the comfort of living with his parents when he was 20 and is resident at our Academy teaching 7 days a week, as he gives whatever time he has available teaching children to excel in Qur’anic education. It is our team of 30+ dedicated teachers like Hafiz Ridwan which makes the Academy such a blessed place to teach and learn in – there is an energy amongst the Ahlul Qur’an that permeates the hearts of all those that sit and learn in their company. This is the secret of teaching children, to immerse them in the company of such blessed people. Of the people promised Jannah are those that dedicate their youth for the sake of Allah – and we ask Allah to protect and always bless him for his khidma of the Qur’an he has rendered from such a young age with pure sincerity and dedication. May Allah bless all those out there that are teachers of the Qur’an wherever they may be.