Shaikh Ahmad Al-Khafagy is a student of Shaikh Ahmad Al-Masraawi who is the head Qari of Egypt (Qari Masr). Shaikh Masraawi hand picked Shaikh Ahmad Al-Khafagy to travel to Birmingham and teach at the Academy. Shaikh Ahmad Al Khafagy has ijaaza in all 10 readings from Shaikh Al-Masraawi so has one of the strongest and sought after ijaza (sanad) one can aspire to in the field of Qiraa’ah today. Shaikh Ahmad Al-Khafagy is therefore a representative of Shaikh Masraawi and a source of pride and honour for the Academy. Shaikh Ahmad Al-Khafagy is a native Egyptian and his addition to the Birmingham Quran Academy shows the strength and depth of the teaching staff here at the Academy.


Arabic Langauge, Tajweed Theory and Practical, Hifz and Islamic Studies