Shaikh Amr Elsayed Ahmed Elaimy has an Ijazat in the Hafs tradition and has a mastery over the maqaamaat styles / melodies of recitation. He has lead taraweeh prayers at the Academya and in Glasgow. Shaikh Amr has taught at both the Birmingham and the high Wucome Academy. During his three year stay in the UK he has recited at many events in the UK since his arrival. He also enjoys sports and believes in keeping fit. His advice to students of Quranic recitation is that they should keep fit so they can recite for longer. He enjoys running and swimming as they help him take deeper breaths when he recites. Students taught by shayk amr were privileged to have such a talented and dedicated teacher guiding them through their Qur’anic learning. Shaikh Mustafa also teaches Arabic langauge, Tajweed theory and practical, hifz and Islamic studies.


Arabic Langauge, Tajweed Theory and Practical, Hifz and Islamic Studies