Shaikh Galal Salem is a lecturer at Azhar University. He specialises in tahfeez and has ijaazats in all 10 readings of the Quran. He has a prolific memory having memorised the Quran in 7 months. He is a lead teacher at Birmingham Quran Academy. Shaikh Galal’s expertise in tajweed and hifz is demonstrated not only in his majestic recitation of the Quran but in his mastery in all the classical texts of Tajweed including Shaatibiyya, Jazariyya etc. Shaikh Galal is a native Egyptian and has taught and trained many Qari’s in Egypt. His addition to the Academy is therefore an honour and opportunity for all students at the Academy to excel to the very highest standards of Qiraa’ah. Shaikh Galal’s recitation of the Quran is truly awe-inspiring. He was the guest recitor at the”Living Islam” event in July 2011. He prefers to teach Quran at Ijaza level and has many students studying under him. He is a true teacher and master of Tajweed and his presence at the Academy is an honour for all our students. MashaAllah he has a gentle, kind and loving personality to add to his many strengths. He is one of the lead teachers of Quran’ic recitation not only in Birmingham but quite possibly in the UK.


Arabic Langauge, Tajweed Theory and Practical, Hifz and Islamic Studies