Shaikh Ghulam Mustafa Al-Azhari graduated from Al-Azhar with Ijaazaats in all 10 readings of the Quran. Shaikh Mustafa is an even stronger teacher having guided the hifz of students in an extremely skillful. loving and gentle manner. He is highly proficient in Arabic, Urdu and English and regularly recites on national TV stations in the UK. Shaikh Mustafa is a young and energetic teacher who gels with almost all students. He is known to have worked extremely diligently with students who required patience and understanding. Shaikh Mustafa’s teaching talent makes him one of our strongest teachers at the Academy. Although his strength lies in hifz. He is a scholar having gained a degree in Islamic law and Arabic from the prestigious Al-Azhar University where he spent 5 years. Shaikh Mustafa also teaches Arabic langauge, Tajweed theory and practical, hifz and Islamic studies.


Arabic Langauge, Tajweed Theory and Practical, Hifz and Islamic Studies