Whoever reads Qur’an and learns it by heart, and regards what it makes lawful as lawful and its unlawful as forbidden, will be admitted into Paradise by Allah (swt) Who will also accept his intercession in respect of 10 such persons of his family.-Tirmidhi

The Birmingham Qur’an Academy’s vision is to be an exceptional learning institution so that our students develop a powerful connection with Allah and become living examples of the Quran, by following the sunnah of the Prophet  .

To realise this vision we aim to:
  • Achieve excellence by providing outstanding teaching in the science of Qur’anic recitation
  • Provide a nurturing environment, which supports the students needs and promotes the development of God Consciousness and faith.
  • Ensure equal opportunities with a commitment to access and social mobility
  • Promote institutional improvement through high quality professional development